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It's that time of year again to start thinking about the application of lime and fertilizer. With a good amount of moisture in the soil it's shaping up to be a good season for grass growth.

This Winter has been a very busy season for us with the increasing use of lime for dairy lanes capping & maintenance with great success in reducing the number of lame cows. And we are privedged to be apart of such a great outcome.

We continue to pride ourselves in a high quality agricultural lime with the latest test CACO3 99.3%

It is important to get in early with your orders

Health & Safety

It should be noted Amuri Lime Company Ltd has taken a very active role in promoting a safe working environment, not only for on-site staff, but also all persons who should enter the work site. An independent Company has been engaged to continually update current work policies and practices, develop safe work procedures and also develop systems for monitoring and review.

Whats new?

The Company to opening up a new face, upgrading the top shed and developing a reinstatement programme for areas of the limeworks previously mined.

A new 2IC / loader driver is coming on-board September this year to help with the processing plant.


Please also remember, at the Directors' discretion, shareholders receive a rebate on lime purchased, previously this has been at the rate of 75 cents per tonne plus an extra 25 cents for shareholders who hold 400 or more shares. The minimum qualifying quantity has been set at 20 tonnes per annum.

Shares are available from time to time. Please contact us to enquire.

Dont hesitate to call for recommendations for best results regarding dairy lane way caping.

Some friendly feedback

Amuri Ag. Lime

Hello, my name is Duncan Anderson, and we converted our farm to dairy in 2013. We have a large herd and had a problem with lameness.

In 2015 we had to form a new stretch of lane to access property which we lease. A river run base was formed, and because the rotten rock was hard to get a finish on, we thought we would try Amuri ag. lime. This proved to be a success on this piece of lane, and gave us the confidence to use it extensively on our main lanes.

After dryoff in 2016, we graded off the lane, removing crust and effluent, vibration rolled the sharp edges of the rotten rock down, and then applied Amuri ag. lime to the lane, 750 metres either side of the dairy shed, the high traffic area.

The lime ws spread by truck and trailer, and graded out over the lane to a thickness of 25-30mm, then given a light vibration roll. The key is to keep stock off the lane for as long as possible, letting the weather do the rest of the job. This is difficult to do, and as the season progresses, the lime moves everywhere; to the yard, the effluent pond and over the paddocks. In our case, over a period of 2-3 months at full on traffic, the Amuri ag. lime settled down and hardened to a great finish.

The best part was reducing lameness by 40%.

In 2017 we repeated the same process, extending further away from the dairy shed. A lesser volume was required, as 10-20mm remained from the previous year.

We have found Amuri ag. lime works for us. It is not a silver bullet to lameness, but it has helped. It does move around, which is frustrating. It does get slippery and sloppy in bad weather to begin with, but it does settle down & stays in place in the end. It has been a cost effective way for us to recap our lanes and has helped us to solve some of our lameness problem.

Key points:

  • Order lime early and stockpile if necessary.
  • Line up a contractor early. 
  • Act as soon as possible after dryoff.
  • Once completed, stay off the lane for as long as possible.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff in bad weather because it doesn’t look good.
  • Remember this is not the solution to all your problems, but it does help, and it has worked for us.