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Established in 1945, our founders stated our mission as:
"to provide farmers in the Amuri District with high quality lime at really economical prices"
Benefits of Amuri AG Lime
  • The use of lime results in the correct soil composition with more worms, more available nutrients and more growth
  • Lime raises or maintains the soil pH at the ideal level (pH 5.8 - 6.2), which then stimulates the soil nutrient cycle.
  • AgLime enhances decomposition with the breakdown of dead plant matter and dung-all being part of the biological cycle.
  • Soils already contain a lot of nutrients for plant growth, yet many are not available to plants when the soil pH is at the wrong level. With the pH level in the correct range, these nutrients are more able to be taken up by plants. Having a balanced soil environment ensures fertiliser applications are fully utilised.
Current Price List
And at October 2020 Per tonne
Builders Rock
Over size Rock
Pivot Rut Rubble
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We also offer MIXING OPTIONS
  • Seed and Lime
  • Super and Lime
  • Sulphur and Lime
  • Organi Bor and Lime
  • Soil Matters Blends
Please note: Purpose built bins are available for this service, and assistance can be provided to customers for any other mix of products they may require.


Feedback from an Amuri Lime Company client:

Hello, my name is Duncan Anderson, and we converted our farm to dairy in 2013. We have a large herd and had a problem with lameness.

In 2015 we had to form a new stretch of lane to a access property which we lease. A river run base was formed, and because the rotten rock was hard to get a finish on, we thought we would try Amuri ag. lime. This proved to be a success on this piece of lane, and gave us the confidence to use it extensively on our main lanes.

After dryoff in 2016, we graded off the lane, removing crust and effluent, vibration rolled the sharp edges of the rotten rock down, and then applied Amuri ag. lime to the lane, 750 metres either side of the dairy shed, the high traffic area. The lime was spread by truck and trailer, and graded out over the lane to a thickness of 25-30mm, then given a light vibration roll. The key is to keep stock off the lane for as long as possible, letting the weather do the rest of the job. This is difficult to do, and as the season progresses, the lime moves everywhere; to the yard, the effluent pond and over the paddocks. In our case, over a period of 2-3 months at full on traffic, the Amuri ag. lime settled down and hardened to a great finish.

The best part was reducing lameness by 40%.

In 2017 we repeated the same process, extending further away from the dairy shed. A lesser volume was required, as 10-20mm remained from the previous year. We have found Amuri ag. lime works for us. It is not a silver bullet to lameness, but it has helped.
It does move around, which is frustrating. It does get slippery and
sloppy in bad weather to begin with, but it does settle down & stays in
place in the end. It has been a cost effective way for us to recap our
lanes and has helped us to solve some of our lameness problem.

Amuri Lime Company


  • Order lime early and stockpile if necessary. Line up a contractor early.
  • Act as soon as possible after dryoff.
  • Once completed, stay off the lane for as long as possible.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff in bad weather if it doesn’t look good.
  • Remember this is not the solution to all your problems, but it does help, and it has worked for us.


We believe our mission statement is just as relevant in 2020 and is highlighted by our latest independent research laboratories test showing a neutralising value (as Ca C03) of 96.9%.

The extremely high neutralising effect of Amuri Lime is what makes it stand out from the rest, and provides you the client with confidence that our lime works. As well as providing crushed agricultural lime, we also supply driveway chip and rock.

The company prides itself in producing quality products at an affordable price.

  • High Quality between 96.9% - 99.3% purity
  • Very competitively priced
  • Large order discounts
  • Farmer owned
  • Shareholder rebates
  • Strong community involvement, profits stay in the district
  • Use of latest technology eg; legal for trade scales
  • Competitive cartage and spreading rates can be arranged on request
Amuri Lime Company